Self-Empowerment: Life Lessons From An Inch Worm with Lisa Noland-Shalosky

Nature is the best healer. Lisa Noland-Shalosky, a psychic medium and certified spiritual advisor, shows us how Gaia brings us never-ending lessons that we can use for all aspects in our life, including healing and letting go of fear and self-doubt. Through lessons she has learned from an inch worm she found dangling around, she advises everyone that regardless of how small your steps are, you will get to your destination as long as you try. Learn more from Lisa as she talks about self-empowerment, learning from pain, finding out who you truly you are to the core, and becoming your best version.

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Self-Empowerment: Life Lessons From An Inch Worm with Lisa Noland-Shalosky

Our guest is Lisa Noland-Shalosky. Lisa is a psychic medium, a certified spiritual advisor, a certified master teacher through the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development as well as a trans channel and a certified spiritual hypnotist. Lisa has dedicated her life to her work with spirit and over many years, she has shared this gift with clients all over the world providing help and healing messages to guiding clients through difficult areas of life. Lisa is helping change the lives of many through her connection to spirit. Lisa also teaches psychic development and mediumship classes to help others recognize their gifts and empower others to find their truth. Lisa, it’s an honor to have you here on the show, welcome.

Thank you. I’m so excited to be here, Jennifer.

This is a fun conversation because it’s such an out of the box way to approach healing and getting messages from the spirit is something that resonates with a lot of people. It’s almost like that dirty little secret nobody wants to talk about.

Personally, I am someone who learns from my own personal life experiences. I’ll go out in nature and I was telling my husband, Patrick, I had the most incredible experience with an inchworm. It’s not always from dead people, but it’s from nature. It’s from your four-legged. It’s from other people. It’s from your guides. It’s from a higher power. If you will just allow yourself to be witness to those experiences, you’ll learn every day. I’m in a constant evolving fluid motion of how can I become a better version of me? How can I become the most authentic version of me? There are always ways to do that but you just have to be open to it and knowing that it isn’t about being broken, it isn’t about needing to be fixed, but it’s about being aware of how you fit into the world that you’ve created.

That awareness and having an awareness of your life and yourself is a theme that comes up show after show, episode after episode and guest after guest. People who get it know that self-awareness is the key. We have to be self-aware.

In my newsletter that I put out, my husband and I took a trip and we whitewater rafted. I recognized in the very beginning of the trip. We were taking our boat down the side of the hill to get into the water and we’re paddling a little bit. You could hear the rapids coming up. Our guide says to us, “There’s going to come a part in this journey where you can’t turn back. Are you ready?” I’m like, “Yes, this is going to be so much fun.” I did not know what I was saying, “Yes, no problem.” I feel like that is what happens to us as humans. We’re on the other side. We’re talking to our guides. We’re like, “Yes, I’ll go in and be that human being. I’ll go and do that.”

As we’re sliding down that birth canal, all of a sudden our arms and legs are going out. Why do you think we’d come out screaming? We come out the screaming because we’re like, “What have I done?” You can equate all of this. From a very young age, we’re taught to believe a certain way or we’re taught that these are our beliefs and we can’t do this or we can’t do that and you become my age. I celebrated my beautiful birthday with the full moon. I’m ever-evolving and ever-changing. I had so many epiphanies where I’m still realizing how much I’ve allowed people outside myself to define me and I’m still a work in progress in becoming authentic.

It’s amazing when we have those little epiphanies and then we realize how sneaky and subtle some of our own patterns are. That’s what I work with, those sneaky subtle symptoms and signs that often fly under the radar because they are stealthy.

Spirits, through messages, help you see things differently or move in a different direction to change your own life course. CLICK TO TWEET

I like to describe it as most people have driven on a road or even if you’re driving around the city and they’ve made improvements to the roads. One level was higher than the other and you try to move into another lane and your tires want to move yourself back over to the lane that you were in. Your tire is going, “I don’t want to move over there. I don’t know if that’s safe over there.” In a country road, the driveways have those little grooves and there’s always that higher spot in the center. If you try to move over that hump, it’s natural for your tires to take you back into the path that you’ve always been on. It’s about becoming aware of when am I feeling that resistance in my body. The vehicle representing you can learn to navigate those subtle nuances where “Wait a minute, I feel myself doing it again,” and then pause and go, “Why am I doing this? Where is this coming from?”

It’s not easy not to acknowledge yourself going, you have to slow down. In your work, you have to pay attention to those subtle little nuances of, “Wait a minute. Where’s the shift coming from and what am I doing differently than I did when this happened before?” It’s absolutely fascinating work for me. It never fails when I sit down with someone to do a reading. I have had some type of experience in my life that is validating and worth sharing. If you pay attention to what those lessons are within yourself, you’re always going to be able to share and uplift someone else and give them food for thought or something to put in a pocket. Carry it with you until it makes sense to pull it out and use it.

There’s so much we can learn from nature. I loved how you said that you learned from an inchworm. What lesson did you learn? What was that about? Because I have a one to share after this.

I was walking my poodle and there’s a certain path that I can come back to the house and I’m always drawn to this little path of trees. It reminds me of this little fairy world and I like to walk through the little path of trees. It almost smacked me right in the face was this little worm dangling from its silk string. The wind was blowing a little and he was floating back and forth. At first I was like, “If he lands on me, he’s so tiny, how am I ever going to get him off without smashing him?” I went around him. I got a few feet away from him and I’m like, “What if he’s having trouble? What if he needs me to help him get to a safer place?” I turned around and by the time I had walked back and because he was just an inch and he was green with the trees. I finally found him and I was like, “Look at you little guy, you’ve already gone up about a foot since I walked away from you.”

I was in complete amazement at this little guy and I was watching him as he was swinging and undulating his little body to where he was moving up until he disappeared against the subtle wind, dangling out of this massive tree to his awareness of his world. I just stood there in complete amazement of regardless of the size of what you see around you, regardless of how you’re dangling, regardless of the wind that is drifting you in all these different directions, he was still going. It’s as if nothing bothered him. It reminded me that it may have seen like an insurmountable task to get all the way back up to wherever he was going, but he was doing it little bits at a time. Before you know it, you’re there.

An inchworm even have awareness of how far it is from here to there, we’ll never know that. Maybe the curse of us is being able to see and have this bigger expanded level of awareness.

Every day I’m aware of what’s going on around me. I’m aware of the flowers. I’ve got another experiment I’m doing. When you’ve come to my house, there’s this beautiful plant outside that my neighbor planted. It takes so much water. You have to water this thing every day or two because she soaks it up. I haven’t wanted her for a couple of days. I go out to walk the poodle when I see this flower and she’s all wilted and she’s like, “Can you please water me.” I walk into the house like, “It’s an emergency. I can’t get the poodle out. I have to get the water for the flower.” I take the water back out and I’m like, “It’s just like humans. We’re like a plant. We need to water ourselves. We need to nourish ourselves. We need sunshine. We need that care on a regular basis.” Every day in so many ways, you can use nature and you can use those things around you to recognize, “I got it.” I myself haven’t been drinking enough water. What are you doing to move yourself into a more authentic place? All of these matters.

The lessons when they resonate with you and whenever you come up with a lesson that matters to you, just like the inchworm lesson, it’s what I call one of those a-ha moments because there’s a felt sense to it. You can tell that story to 100 people and 95 of them are going to be like, “She saw an inchworm dangling in the wind, who cares?” They’re going to be two, three, four or five of them that are like, “I totally get what you’re saying.” Because there’s that bigger expanded awareness where if it resonates with that felt sense, the lesson is meant for you. If it doesn’t, move on. You don’t have to judge it. I loved the paying attention to nature. I sit on my back porch sometimes, especially in the summer.

Self Empowerment: Pain is a great teacher and it can be through it that we grow.

I love my backyard and I had a little lesson that came to me through nature. I was sitting on my porch having a crappy day because things weren’t going the way I thought they should be going in a work-related scenario. I was trying to figure out what I’m going to do. All of a sudden, I noticed an acorn fall out of the tree and I heard it hit. It occurred to me that it takes a long time for that acorn to become the big oak. It occurred to me that some of these seeds that I’ve planted in my business are not annuals. They’re not perennials. They’re not going to come up quickly. They’re not going to bloom and blossom quickly. Some of the stuff that I’ve planted is more along the lines of shrubs or trees, not flowers, not something that’s going to come and go in a season. I’m like, “Jen, sit down, shut up, be patient, take a step back, stop trying to force it.” I can’t force that acorn to grow any faster that it’s going to grow on its own.

That was a beautiful a-ha. When I was going through my teaching the Master Teacher’s program with Lisa Williams, who is a phenomenal teacher. I had a part in the program where I had to do an inspiration. I struggle with that and I’m like, “How am I going to do this?” I’m in this class with these two other amazing students who are becoming master teachers. I’ve found myself and I believe all the audience perhaps will relate in some way comparing myself to what they had done because I was the last one to present. There were three of us in the program. I stood over and I shed some tears over and I’m like, “I’m just not good enough to be in this program. What am I doing?” All those things we do will fall in that place of fear and want to run. All of a sudden, I went into my spirit and I’m like, “You asked for this. This is what you wanted. You have found yourself in a place of growth,” which anytime we find ourselves in a place of growth is always uncomfortable.

Growing pains are painful for a reason.

Pain is some of the greatest teachers and it can be pain through experiences we’ve put ourselves through in growing and teaching or growing in your business or whatever those pains are. I heard spirit say, “Let us guide you.” That whole time I put myself in this struggle, “I” was trying to do it. It’s not that part of myself, it was that ego part of me going, “It has to be bigger, it has to be better, it has to be greater because I have to shine.” All of that is failure. All of that equals something outside of myself. Perhaps failure is the wrong word, but it’s a strong word for me. That’s what it represented to me. It may not represent to other people. I heard Gaia say, “Let me have a voice.” Gaia is mother nature because I’m also a trans channel. I channeled this most incredible message from Gaia about comparing yourself to no one. This goes along the lines of us talking about becoming authentic and listening to those messages so that we can become authentic. I have shared this with all the classes that I’ve taught. I’ve shared it through a newsletter. I can also share with any audience that would want to reach out and get a copy of it. I’ll just read a little bit of it.

“You must know how truly loved you are and how we have been with you every step of your journey here on planet earth. You are never ever alone. As your journey unfolds before you stay present in the now, it’s about love. It’s about truth. It’s about owning your greatness and stepping into your power. You are to compare yourself to no one, absolutely no one.” That’s an excerpt of what she shared and I cannot stress enough when I moved into that place of spirit and allow that to be the message, it was beautiful. I got out of the way. I allowed it to unfold because everything is perfect. If you move into that space of love, if you move into that place of surrender and into that place of trust, it all flows. I became that day in that moment a very authentic being sharing love of a creative being called Gaia. Can I stay there 24/7? No, that’s why I have my little sheet that I can go back to and I can read it again and I can hear in my head. I did an event and I was having a dialogue with someone. She was comparing me to another reader that she had gone to and was expressing her emotions about this other reader the whole time in my head. One side of my head was going, “Do you see what another reader can do?”

That’s what I call the narrator.

The other side of me, the spiritual side of me, the left side of me where my spirit comes through was going, “Remember, you’re to compare yourself to no one.” Even after all of these years of doing this work and I’m a master teacher, I’m a psychic medium and this is what I do as a business, I still have an ego and I still have those moments where I fall out of authenticity. It’s about being aware because I could very quickly catch myself going, “There I go again.” Compare yourself to no one, be authentic, be true and be right here right now.

With all of the work you do with translating messages from spirit for people and the spiritual hypnosis work that you do, the channeling, the mediumship, all of this, how does that help to empower people? Because I’m sure that some of our audience out there may have done readings before with people, some may not. Some people might be curious. How does that help people step into their own authenticity and move toward healing?

We are always seeking to know ourselves. CLICK TO TWEET

I did a reading for a woman and she was expressing concern over her level of employment. Her dissatisfaction with not being appreciated. She felt at her age that it was not something that she could go out and do something else and the spirit wouldn’t have it. She kept disagreeing with me and I said, “That’s fine. You can do that. However, this is the message for you.” The dialogue went on for a few minutes until finally, you could feel her heart center just open up to, “Maybe there’s some truth in what this crazy lady is saying to me.” It created a foundation for her to look at something from a different perspective.

Our perspective is our reality. If I can get people to change their perspective about where they find their selves, why they find themselves there, why have you stayed so long? It all came back to bottom line. She did not feel worthy and she did not feel good enough about herself to seek out other employment. She allowed herself to stay in a place where she was not being appreciated. Once she got into that place of, “I hear you, but I don’t know why I stay.” I said, “Let me tell you, this is how spirit is bringing this through. You don’t feel worthy of something different. You don’t feel good enough. You don’t feel like you have value to give to another employer.”

I said, “All of this is fear.” She said, “Yes, you’re right. I’m terrified that I won’t be able to find something.” She goes, “How do I deal with my fear?” I said, “The one way that spirit has taught me to deal with fear is to sit with it.” Sit down on the couch. Invite fear to sit right next to you and say, “It’s interesting that I find myself sitting here with you again. What is it you’re trying to teach me? What is it that I am not aware of in this moment that I need to learn from you?” We all try to run from fear. We always try to outrun it. It can run way faster than you. It’s always going to be ahead of you. It’s always going to be to the side of you. It’s like a predator.

When she finally came into this, you could feel herself becoming more and more empowered through the messages of spirit. It was phenomenal to witness. Her shoulders rolled back. She has I call it puffy chest. It’s not from ego, but like, “I’ve got this.” She’s like, “I am worth and I do have this and I can do this.” That’s what spirit does for people. They help you through the power of the messages that I can get through to you. It empowers you to become a better person, to see things differently or want to move in a different direction to change your own course in your own actions in life.

What you described is what I encourage people to do, to get beyond the story you tell yourself. Because that old story of fear and self-doubt, I’m not good enough and I don’t think I can do this. When that’s what we believe about ourselves and we truly believe that we’re not good enough, we doubt ourselves and we believe that we can’t, then we don’t intend to do this. Through our nonverbal communication and our nonverbal approach to the world, you were picking up on this with body language. You were noticing the posture change to where the chest opens up. That’s nonverbal communication. Through these nonverbal forms of communication, we teach the rest of the world how to treat us. We teach the rest of the world that it’s okay to disrespect us. It’s okay to treat me like crap because inside myself, I treat myself like crap.

This has taken me years to figure this out about myself. You may have that a-ha, but then you’re slowly going to start moving in that direction and something else is going to hit you. I call it the wobble. I’m 53. Some people do fall all the way and they crash and they need that recovery time. For the most part, we’re like a weeble-wobble. The key is how far do you wobble and how quickly do you bounce back? Do you bounce back in a couple of days or does it take you six months? Gaia gave me that term, “How far do you wobble?” Patrick and I, my husband, we will channel privately. We played around with this and a creator being came through and Patrick was having this very philosophical conversation. I do remember some of the conversations. I don’t always remember some things, but the one thing I do remember is we are always seeking to know ourselves. If we choose to stand in our own power and say, “I choose to seek to know myself in a greater way.” Those lessons will present themselves. Those experiences will present themselves in a way that you can sit down with it and go, “Isn’t that interesting? What do I do with this information?” There’s the processing. I’m sure you have different words for this, but this is how it comes through for me. You sit there and you process it and then you make different choices based on how those experiences have impacted you one way or the other.

I love it because it’s a different approach and it’s a step into healing for some people. I don’t believe that mediumship, psychic readings or channeling, I don’t believe that’s for everybody. I think it resonates with a certain part of the population and I’m glad it exists for the people that it resonates for. Because if there were only one path and only one way to discover ourselves and discover who we are, I think we would’ve figured it out as a species. The key is we’re looking for somebody else. We have all of these myths and stories that circulate around all these cultures about this one person that’s going to come save us. There is no savior. Nobody’s going to come save us.

If Patrick were here and could share some of the conversations he had with the creator, it’s the greater awareness of knowing yourself. It’s the evolution of a species. You are the one that will empower yourself to make those different choices that will change and impact those people around you. There’s no one person that’s going to do it. We do it as a collective. It’s a conscious effort of everyone. Not everyone is going to be in the same place. That’s not possible. That would be a very boring world. It’s about becoming aware that you are an aware being and how your choices impact you in the world that you are creating. This creator energy was saying that we create all of our own experiences. It was phenomenal to hear from that type of energy how easy it is for us to move through experiences without getting all caught up and hung up. I mushroom hunt and that may sound bizarre to some people. I grew up in the Midwest and we hunt for morels.

Self Empowerment: You are the one who will empower yourself to make those different choices that will change and impact those people around you.

A lot of people do the morel hunting around here. That’s not unusual at all.

The visual that they’re showing me is when I went out with my dad to go morel hunting. He has his machete and he’s hacking and chopping it all the different weeds and briars and he goes into the most ridiculous places with no fear. Here’s me chopping and the thorns are catching me and I’m like, “Couldn’t there have been an easier way?” Don’t we all say that in life? Couldn’t there have been an easier way? Yes, there probably is but it’s no different than Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey. You have to go in where it’s your path, not somebody else’s path. There’s going to be briars, boulders, sharp rocks and there’s going to be things to overcome, but they’re all placed for a very divine reason. You can sit there and pout and go, “I’m tired of getting this,” or you can go, “There’s that again.”

You can approach it as, “I haven’t seen this obstacle before. What do I need to do to get around it?” You’ve learned a new lesson. You’ve learned a new skill. You’ve built your capacity. You’ve added resilience to who you are and what you’re capable of. There’s value in the challenge. A lot of the stuff that you’re talking about, I know at the very beginning you started talking about the pain of growing. It’s not just physical pains from growing. There’s emotional and psychological pain from growing, spiritually and stepping into our authenticity and being who we truly are is scary. Because look at how many times in our childhood, whenever we were being little kids and being exactly who we were, we got yelled at. We got in trouble for it, we got bullied, we got teased and picked on by the popular kids. We got made fun of or harassed.

We learned very early that it’s not okay to be who we are authentically, and then we bring that into adulthood and we’re still trying to keep up with the Joneses. It creates this internal state of conflict. What I’ve learned is when we’re in pain, pain is part of life. Everybody experiences pain. We live in a culture that is scared to death of pain. “I have a pain. I need to take a pill and make it go away. I can’t deal with the pain.” Pain is a part of life. What is not a part of life and what does become a choice is suffering. Because when you’re in pain, you don’t have to suffer. Suffering is a choice.

This was a huge eye-opener for me when I met somebody who had injured themselves, possibly had a broken ankle, hadn’t gone to the doctor yet to have it checked out and was happy as a clam even though the foot and the ankle were swollen, was throbbing. This person decided “I’m not going to leave. I’m going to stay here for the reason I came. I’ll get this checked out after it’s over with.” The person had a good upbeat attitude, even though she was in pain the whole entire day. I’m thinking, “Pain doesn’t have to come with suffering.” It’s one of those observing a-ha moments and being aware and noticing because you don’t have to suffer just because you’re in pain. Suffering comes from that comfort and familiarity with the emotional pain like shame, unhealthy guilt and anger. Because we do get over associated sometimes with some of those emotions that just don’t feel very good inside of us.

It creates our identity. When people are sitting in front of me, I will often ask them, “Who are you in the absence of this experience that you find yourself in?” They’ll be like, “I’ve never been asked that question before.” We build an identity around a husband, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a lover or a job. When that no longer exist, then who are you? That’s where that authenticity comes in. If you knew who you were to the core and the absence of all of these things, you would still be in your power. That’s what I teach. That’s what I want to bring to the world is to empower people to be in that place in the absence of all the things that they perceive are them, are their identity. How many times do people say, “What do you do?” You identify with something outside yourself as I’m a mother, I’m a son or I’m a husband. It’s all those exterior things that we have built up that how easily they can crumble because what are they built on? There’s no foundation because it’s everything outside yourself that you’ve built. It’s about finding out who are you purely to the core.

A lot of times we don’t know who we are at the core and when we don’t know who we are at the core, we’re going to say who we are. It has to do with my job. It has to do with my family, it has to do with my kids. It’s always something outside of us. I love this conversation because there’s research that confirms it. Whenever we have our goals in life, the things that we value the most that are extrinsically focused basically what other people tell us we need for ourselves. What society values more so than what we value, then we can accomplish all of those goals. We can accomplish the seven-figure income. We can accomplish the high paying CEO level job and still be miserable inside of ourselves because our goals are extrinsically focused. When our goals are intrinsically focused and there are things that we love to do and we’re developing that skill, it doesn’t matter what your income is, whether it’s little, whether it’s big. Those people so much happier because they’re fulfilling what they truly want and what they truly enjoy in life rather than what somebody out there tells them they should enjoy.

That’s absolutely right. It’s all about our identity is built on what we think other people think of us. Gaia wants me to read a little bit more of this if you wouldn’t mind. Here’s what she says and I quote, “It isn’t about what others think of you. It’s about how you take care of you, your mind, your body, your soul’s experience here. Are you taking care of you or do you spend the majority of your time worrying about what other people think of you and what you are doing? This journey here on planet earth is about becoming the greatest version of you that you can become. You cannot get there through the act of self-judgment and non-love. You can only get there through the power of love and forgiveness to stand in your truth and to know you are a divine spark of creator energy, which is love.” Many people come to me and I listen and I have to go, “Stop.” I moved them back into their own energy and I say, “Do you hear yourself? Do you actually hear what you’re saying? Because everything you just said to me is based on what other people think.” We are so afraid of what other people think. We want to be validated and be loved. We don’t assume that power of being authentic and being who we are and being loved for that.

If you knew who you were to the core and the absence of all of these things, you would still be in your power. CLICK TO TWEET

There’s this unhealthy element in society where people want their story to be validated. I’ve had this with clients coming to me where they come to me with this, “Poor me. Look at what she’s doing to me. Look at what he said to me. Look at what he did. Look at what she said.” They want me to validate the story and stick up for them and go, “Yes, I get it. I understand why you feel so bad. I understand why you’re so angry with that person.” I won’t validate the story. I tried to get people into contact with the nonverbal parts of themselves, which I usually start with sensation and emotion because that’s the aspect of ourselves that I call the experiencer. The experience or is nonverbal. That’s our implicit mind. It’s the memory and the language of the body, which speaks through language and emotion. Because it’s nonverbal, you can’t talk it into healing. It has to feel the healing.

That’s why it’s so important to get in touch with the language of sensation and emotion if we want to heal that aspect of ourselves because it just cannot be done through words alone. Getting people out of the story they tell themselves and not validating the story is so important because that story is often the meaning that we gave it and getting to see other perspectives, let’s people see that, you’ve assigned this one little sliver of meaning, but look at how many other possible interpretations there can be for this event. Are you 100% sure that your interpretation is correct? Are you 100% sure that there are no other options? Once we start to see that, “Maybe this story I’m holding onto isn’t the complete truth. Maybe this is just my limited viewpoint with my blinders on.” Once people start to see that, then the blinders start to come off and they start to see an expanded awareness.

I often say we’re in a race. If you go to Scioto Downs here in Columbus, Ohio, they have horse racing and all the horses have those blinders on. If we do take those blinders off, then we begin to perceive, see and witness things around us that we haven’t seen or perceived differently. It’s about turning the dial a little bit. It’s no different than listening to a radio station the old way where you had to actually turn the dial and get in between the different stations. It’s paying attention and tweaking a little bit, sitting in that space and going, “How’s this feel? How does this work? A little bit uncomfortable, but I think I can get through it.” The next thing you know, you’re comfortable with that, “That was a big leap. Got It.” We’re all tweaking, shifting and moving, but it’s about being aware of your own self. How you judge yourself, how you talk to yourself, how you feel about yourself and how much of what you’re doing is for other people to be accepted, to be loved and to be wanted. It’s an epidemic. We all do it.

It sure is, and it’s amazing to me how difficult it can be to realize what our motivations are because it can be challenging to determine, I have been doing this my whole life and never once has it been for me. That can be hard. I still have moments where I’m like, “How did I miss this?” It’s a lifelong journey sorting through our crap. I don’t believe we can all be the Buddha because if we’re all the Buddha we wouldn’t have these struggles.

As the creator said, he says, “The goal is you are here seeking to know thyself.” He also made reference to that’s why there’s such a thing as reincarnation. I think the question Patrick asked was something about do we recognize that we have failed to do what we’ve come in to do? The creator was like, “There is no failure.” It’s that you are always seeking to know thyself and whatever you didn’t find about yourself in that lifetime, you will come back and seek to know a greater version. The more you can do why you’re here to seek to know thyself to be authentic and stand in your own power and being aware of who you are and how you present yourself to the world, you may not have to come back as many times as we go through this reincarnation cycle.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to come back again?

We say that now but then we’d get up on the other side and we’re like, “I want to go back. That was fun. My soul learned so much.”

It is one of the mysteries of life. Where did we come from? Where are we going? That’s one of the greatest mysteries. That’s where religions are born out of, to try to explain it in a way that makes sense because I believe that one of the main things that separates us from all of the other animals out there on the planet is imagination. Humans have these very vivid imaginations and we create these stories. If it weren’t for our imaginations, we wouldn’t have created the societies we have. These societies we’ve created are all manifestations of human imagination. Our economies and corporations, they’re all manifestations of our imagination. What would happen if we just had a clean slate and we could have a do-over, what would we create then? Because we keep going back to the same blueprints and the same drawing boards. When are we going to try something new entirely? When are we going to try to use different materials?

Self Empowerment: There is beauty in absolutely everything.

Perhaps it would be too boring if it was a utopia where everything worked.

I don’t think utopia is possible because if you look at where we exist and you’d look at the planet we live on, by definition. We live in a realm of paradox. We live in a realm of duality, hypocrisy, and polarities where there are opposites that exist simultaneously. I talk about the bell curve, the standard distribution on a statistical chart. The fat part of the bell curve is where most of us land, but then you have standard deviations. The further you get from normal and when you have standard deviations in both directions, you’re going to have opposing truths.

Who determined normal? What’s normal to you? It all goes back to that perception. You could bring up so many examples of how this works, but what it ultimately comes down to, at least for me is that it’s about knowing how that truth resonates with me. How does it feel for me? That’s my ultimate goal is living the most authentic version of this being that calls herself Lisa Noland-Shalosky. What does that look like? How do I present myself to the world? My ultimate goal is to help other people step into that authenticity of their own and how you present and step into the world and not being afraid to do it. Any race, any color, and religion, whatever that looks like. I don’t care. I have no judgment over it. I just want you to show up.

Lisa, if any of the audience out there interested in reaching out to you and getting more information, what are your preferred ways for people to contact you?

They can go to my website, which is They can also find me on Facebook at Lisa Noland Psychic Medium. I’m on Twitter but I’m not an active tweeter. It is @EarthAngel913.

What’s one of your favorite lessons that you’ve learned from nature or from Gaia?

I was reminded, I went camping and as I was helping my husband get the camper packed up, the grass was so beautiful and there are so many clovers around. I heard the spirit say, “They’re everywhere.” I’m like, “They are?” I’m looking around and Patrick’s like, “What are you doing?” I’m like, “There are four-leaf clovers around here. I got to find one.” It’s listening to that inner voice. This actually happened to me. We live off the 11th Fairway and when I would go out back, I would literally would sit in this clover patch and little by little I would sort through them and look for a four-leaf. I got frustrated because I’m like, “I’m not finding one.” They say one in every fifteen square feet there’s a clover. I stood up and I was like, “I’m never going to find one.” I started to walk and I heard, “Stop.” I get excited, I stopped, they said, “Take one step back. Looked down by your left foot.” I knelt down carefully and there it was. The four-leaf clover that I had spent all this time looking for, but I was looking in the wrong place. It is about listening and engaging. People were like, “How do I hear it?”

We all can. I can teach you how, but you can teach yourself. It’s just getting out of your own mind. Patrick says, “In order to be enlightened, you have to be literally out of your mind.” It’s so true because the mind creates so many stories. If you can separate yourself from the stories and listen to what nature has to present to you, it’s absolutely beautiful. That’s probably what she teaches me the most is that there is beauty in absolutely everything. Even as I look out here and I start to see the trees losing their leaves, there’s even beauty in the nakedness of the trees. It’s seeing it and finding something every single day to be grateful for. You can not only do it with nature, but she teaches you to do it with everything else around you too. To stop and pay attention to her. Many of us go through our day. We haven’t noticed the flowers, we haven’t noticed the trees, the shrubs. We haven’t noticed any of it because we’re so busy. Take time to be in that place because she’s teaching you how to go in.

Keep seeking to know about yourself and why you’re reacting the way you are reacting. CLICK TO TWEET

I love that you talked about listening and what has helped me start to listen not only to myself but to listen and actually hear other people better is something as simple as getting my phone and my laptop out of my bedroom. Because I was in the habit for several years. The first thing I would do in the morning would be pick up my phone and go to my email or go to Facebook. I don’t even have social media on my phone anymore. What a relief that is not to have that in my pocket everywhere I walk around. I very rarely check my email on my phone. I check it when I’m sitting at my laptop and I’ve started not letting the outside world into my head for at least the first hour of my morning.

I’ll do stuff around the house. I might start a load of laundry. I might wash dishes or just go outside on my porch and have a cup of tea or walk around the neighborhood for half an hour. I’ve been discerning about what I let in my head in the mornings. I’ve been doing that more at night too. It’s made a huge shift because for so long that voice that you’re talking about that’s in your head that says, “Stop, take a step back, look down by your left foot.” I had lost touch with that voice. I forgot it even existed for so many years. Now that it’s back, I’m so grateful that it didn’t leave and abandon me. It’s still there.

That’s my true guidance in life. It’s not what other people are telling me I need to do for myself. It’s not what other people were saying, “This worked for me, you’ve got to do it for yourself.” I’m discovering for myself and then being able to help people discover for themselves what works for them. I have a lot of clients who have discovered things that work for them, and I’m like, “It’s not my thing. I’m glad you figured it out for you.” I’m glad I was able to help them figure it out for them because it’s about helping and accepting whatever comes up rather than trying to push a protocol or push a product on people.

I do not allow people to become dependent on me. My goal is not to work myself out of a job, but to have you come to me only when there’s a need. I’ve had people say, “Coming to you is like seeing a counselor.” You have to be the one doing the work. There’s always a pushback. I want to teach other people what I do. That’s why I teach classes. I teach psychic development. I teach a mediumship class. I’m getting ready to teach a vision board class. There’s no secret to any of it. It’s just making a choice and then going within. It’s making that journey inward through the heart center and to the self and that willingness to find yourself.

Whenever you can teach them to do the work for themselves, it’s so empowering for people. Whenever somebody comes dependent on you, I have a history of bodywork and there are body workers out there that they can get people stuck in that revolving door where you’re constantly going every week, every other week or every month to see your chiropractor or massage therapist or whoever that professional is. Maybe your psychic medium for readings. That creates a level of dependency. Whenever you’re dependent on somebody that establishes a codependent relationship. If you’re the practitioner participating in that, then you’re helping to foster a codependent relationship. I get it. Sometimes people need rehab so they need to come regularly for a period of time, but whenever that becomes chronic and it’s year-after-year on a regular ongoing basis. How’s that working for you? If that’s working for you because my life keeps changing. I don’t know anybody who’s life is so stagnant that things don’t change on who you go see or who you work with over time.

It always circles around the love of self. How do feel about yourself? Seeking outside yourself for the validation and the worthiness and the I’m not enough.

It sure does. That’s one thing that with the trauma work that I do, 100% always comes back to how we feel about ourselves.

I was doing a reading for a young woman and a spirit showed me a horseshoe, but not a lucky horseshoe. She starts out on a path and then all of a sudden she finds herself in that loop of a horseshoe coming back, which told me that she was in a repeat pattern. It’s getting people to witness where they’re repeating patterns in their life and empowering them on how to break those patterns. They’re not easy and it can be scary to do that. It’s about owning, “I see that there’s a pattern” and it’s about straightening that path out. There comes a point in that path where you begin to recognize, “I’m doing it again.” Most of us just continue on and get right back into a same situation that we found ourselves before. When you have the courage to break away from that, that’s when a new pathway is created. That’s when the neurotransmitters of behavior create those new pathways. All that is scientific. You can go online with Dr. Joe Dispenza and see all of this work. It is so powerful. It’s a visceral thing. You can feel the power within you when you make those decisions to break away from those old patterns and more towards an authentic path of “I’m doing this for me, not for anyone else.”

Self Empowerment: The lesson doesn’t end when this life is over. We continue these lessons on the other side.

The more we step into our authenticity. It’s not about selfishness because that’s living on the shadow side. It’s honoring who we are, what we want for ourselves and this is where the creativity comes in and where we are creators. Because if we’re in touch with our authentic self, then what we want for our self will manifest. That requires listening. That requires learning to be still. It circles back to that self-awareness, knowing yourself and getting to know yourself which is a continual lifelong process of getting to know ourselves.

The lesson doesn’t end when this life is over. We continue these lessons on the other side, and then we come back in a future incarnation and we keep working. That’s why for me I want to learn as much as I can so I can limit the back end of this and move into a higher aspect or a higher consciousness of myself. That’s the goal.

There is this feeling of regret when you start to walk down the path toward enlightenment. It’s like, “What did I do? What did I get myself into?” It’s like the whitewater rafting. There is an element of that. It’s a scary ride and at the same time, once you get through the rapids, it’s such a rush and you’re like, “I survived that and look what I learned. Look what I can do.” It’s an amazing journey.

There’s a part of that journey that I didn’t talk about in my newsletter when I wrote the article, but the very first rapid was a category two. There’s a level one to a level of five, five being the worst. Our guide is like, “I recommend you getting out in the water and riding this rapid down as if you have fallen out of the boat. Because that way you’ll understand why it’s important to stay in.” Patrick and I jump out, we’re like, “This is going to be great.” Both of us by the time we got through that rapid and it was just a level two. In 30 seconds that I rode that rapid, I thought I was dead. I took in a bunch of water because I was laughing and then I started choking. My life jacket went way up on me and started choking me and then another wave would crash down on me. I kept rolling under, even that part of the rafting trip was such an incredible experience because it taught me, if you fall out, there can be a lot of dangers in it, but it also taught me that I want to stay in.

I never did fall out the rest of the trip. If I hadn’t had that experience, I perhaps would’ve fallen out because they even taught us if you get underneath the boat, how to move the boat over you so that you don’t get stuck under it. We were learning all these things, but that one lesson taught me and I don’t want to repeat that. I don’t want to fall out. I don’t want to be out of the boat. I want to be in control with my paddle in my hand. I might have been on the floor of the boat, but the paddle was still in my hand. You can’t tell in some of those pictures, but I was on the floor and I fell in more in the boat than out. There are so many powerful lessons in nature.

There sure are. Are there any final tips or bits of wisdom that you want to leave with our audience?

I just want you to remember, please don’t compare yourself to anyone. Please keep working through that aspect of knowing yourself. Keep seeking to know more about yourself and why you’re reacting the way you reacting. Why things trigger you and not allowing fear to rule you. If you want to do something, do it for you. Don’t do it because somebody else wants you to or you’re being told that this is what society does. How does it feel to you? It’s about you owning your power, stepping into your own truth, and knowing yourself. I’m excited to teach people and I’m excited for people to listen. I look forward to doing something like this again. Jennifer, this has been a lot of fun.

That’s wonderful advice, Lisa. Thank you so much. For all of our audience, thank you for being with us on this episode of Yes And. If you’re interested in learning more about me, you can find me online at My page on Facebook is Jennifer Whitacre. I’m also on LinkedIn as Jennifer Whitacre Gardner. If you find this episode valuable, please share it, comment and review. I love to hear from my audience. If anything resonated with you, send me an email at [email protected] and let me know what you think. I will see everybody next time on Yes And.

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