Dark Night Of The Soul With Caroline Diana Bobart

Personal issues can affect our productivity and happiness levels during the day and keep us up at night. Host Jennifer Whitacre interviews professional clairvoyant Caroline Diana Bobart about these phases in our lives that can disable us, weakening our body, mind, and spirit. Caroline is a professional clairvoyant and spiritual mentor who helps entrepreneurs with successful businesses create deep healing. Listen to this episode as Caroline shares some of her own experiences being in a dark place herself, and how we can refresh our soul and get out of that negative position.

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Dark Night Of The Soul With Caroline Diana Bobart

We are talking with Caroline Diana Bobart, who is a professional clairvoyant and spiritual mentor, who helps super smart soul-driven entrepreneurs with successful businesses, create deep healing around the personal issues that affect their productivity and happiness levels during the day and keep them up at night. She is a trained energy reader based in Mallorca, Spain. She serves a global clientele. Caroline, welcome to the show. It’s an honor to have you here.

I’m excited to be here with you.

I love having conversations with people who are clairvoyants because I think that each of us has gifts. I love it when somebody owns their gift and builds on it. Before we get into your story, can you tell me a little bit about your clairvoyance? For some of our readers who aren’t sure what that means, can you tell what clairvoyance is? How do you use that in your business?

Clairvoyance is a gift that we were all born with. It’s something that people have been aware of for millennia. If you look back into ancient religions or manuscripts, there’s always reference to that. That’s why we have what we call the seat of the soul. That’s where they say that we have access to see things that are not perceivable with our physical eyes. That’s what clairvoyance is. It is the ability to see things that utilize an extra sense, but we’re not seeing it through our physical eyes. How I use it as a trained clairvoyant is slightly different from the natural gift that we’re born with because the training takes you through months and years of practice. Eventually, with the training, you build up your own reference library for what you’re looking at.

That’s one of the key differences between someone who is born clairvoyant but doesn’t know what they’re seeing, what they’re sensing and how to contextualize or put that into sentences. How to string sentences together around what they’re actually looking at. That’s what the training as a professional clairvoyant enables me to look directly at whatever you’re describing to me on an energetic level and to describe that back to you. It’s quite a chemical process because the energy when we look at it as to move into the shift. If I described some things to you that we are looking at in your space, you psychically look at that with me as well. The fact that witnessing both of our eyes on whatever we are exploring for you, starts to unravel that challenge or that situation that you want more insight around.

You said that everybody has this ability. Why is it that some people own it and grow this ability? It’s like a muscle. If you use it, you build it. If you don’t use it, you lose it and you get a little flabby. Why is it that some people own it? Why is it that some people seem to be scared of it? Some people completely reject the concept altogether. Do you have an answer to that?

In my experience, what I’ve seen is that it depends on the circumstances that you grew up in and how much of a thing that is with the people around you that carry you and bring you up. If you grew up in the church, you are close to the church and that may not be a thing that is acknowledged. If it’s not acknowledged as a child, we tend to forget or we tend not to see those aspects of ourselves. Whereas, if you grew up around with hippie parents, for example, that might be a norm. It might be everyday conversations that come up with that you have. We’re very much products of our environment in that way.

It’s amazing how religion can sometimes get in the way because I don’t see this antithetical to religion in any way, shape or form. A lot of religions talk about prophets. The prophets were absolutely tapping into their ability to be clairvoyant. I’d love to know your theory on this. One of my theories is that one of the things that block us from our abilities to our clairvoyance or even clairaudience or clairsentience, whatever that might be for a person can be trauma. It gets stuck in our nervous system and it can muddle the messages that we get. I understand that you’ve experienced trauma and you call it your dark night of the soul. Caroline, are you willing to share how your dark night of the soul helped you become the fullest expression of yourself and reclaim who you are?

I love how you put that into a context of the trauma blocking us ourselves, not just on an emotional level but on a spiritual level as well. I’d love to share that because my journey has been important to the work that I do, why I do it and why I’m here.

Please tell us about your dark night of the soul and how that came about.

As a woman, as an individual and as a clairvoyant, I have always been someone who’s connected to myself and confident. Life was good. I started my practice in 2002. I worked for many years with people. In retrospect, I don’t think I took my gift, my soul’s work and my calling seriously enough. In 2011, I had a difficult pregnancy. It’s a difficult birth. After that, I found myself wearing spiritually. I had never experienced anything like it. For someone who is connected to oneself, I could create anything that I wanted. Life was good. I didn’t have anything that I needed. I could manifest and create anything. Suddenly, after she was born, I didn’t know who I was anymore. I could not connect with my sense of self, my energy, my being and my essence. It was such a bizarre feeling for me. It was such a scary thing because I had gone from being connected and in a nice flow to suddenly being disconnected from myself and not knowing what was happening. I had no diagnosis. The doctors said that this wasn’t a thing that they could recognize and knows. I was drifting for quite a while. With a newborn as well, your priority is to keep this little thing alive.

I was secondary in that situation. It took some time around stealing moments to introspect. I asked myself, “What is happening here? How do I find myself? How do I get out of this deep dark hole that I’m in?” That’s why I referred to it as a dark night of the soul. There was nothing. I had no reference for it. Eventually, I came to see that with the support of colleagues and friends, they didn’t know what was happening either, but they knew I was not myself. I came to see that what I was after was being able to reconnect with me. It required me to figure out, “Who are you? What are you? What is important to you?” When I think about them, they seem like such superficial questions. I was like, “I’m me. I’m Caroline.” It was like, “No, who are you really? Who is the spirit? Why are you here? Why are you asking these questions? Why is this process important to you?” It was a very deep spiritual life or death moment for me. “Do you want to survive or do you want to be lost? Do you want to wander the earth as a lost soul for the rest of your life?” That’s what it felt like.

Refreshing Our Soul: You have to own who you are and own what you do and seize it in your life.

That prospect of being so connected to myself before I gave birth brings the idea that I could possibly be a drifter. It was shocking. That process starts with me along the lines of, “I am a clairvoyant. My soul’s work is to help people see themselves, to connect with themselves.” The big realization in it for me was like, “You help people find themselves and here you are in the moments where that’s what you most desperately need is to recover yourself from this difficult period that you’ve been through, this difficult pregnancy and this difficult life moment.” My life forced me to dive in and claim myself to any kind of prevalences around my gift or not taking it seriously. It was life saying, “You have to own who you are. You have to own what you do. You have to own this as a thing. You need to rightsize it in your life.” I could see it before, I was probably more focused on fun. Fun is a good thing. I believe in fun, but then when you’re faced with such a serious situation, it was my life asking me to juggle things around and rightsize things in such a way that I positioned work. I positioned myself as life would according to life’s plan. It was a moment where I felt life was asking me to step up and be more responsible.

You were saying that you knew that this wasn’t depression. You had this awareness. I love that you were able to maintain that awareness that whatever you were going through, it wasn’t depression. It wasn’t something that could be put into a diagnosable box because a diagnosis is a label for a cluster of symptoms. It doesn’t explain anything. I love that you weren’t willing to put yourself into that label.

I resisted it so strongly.

How did you know that this wasn’t depression? How did you maintain that awareness?

I had depression for a bit in college. I knew what that was and it wasn’t the same feeling. It was a different internal feeling and much more with a spiritual edge to it than depression where it is a clinical, biological and physiological thing. I felt the difference between that and the spiritual component that I was experiencing here.

When you found yourself in this deep dark pit, how did you get yourself out of that?

Personal truth is a reflection of the universal truth. CLICK TO TWEET

It’s bit by bit. It took a lot of courage.

I think that’s important for our readers to know. It doesn’t happen all at once.

It felt like a test. It’s like the universe is conspiring with my spirit, conspiring with life situations and circumstances to bring about this perfect storm where it wasn’t like, “I’m committed.” It was like, “You show us that you’re committed. You take the baby steps. You make the phone calls. You ask for support. You speak your truth.” It was a process of doing what was needed in each moment that by doing those little steps with courage and with self-belief, that’s how I bought that muscle back.

Can you talk a little bit about what exactly does it mean to speak your truth? I’ve heard people say, “How can you speak your truth? Isn’t the truth, the truth?”

I do think this is opening up a philosophical realm. Personal truth is a reflection of the universal truth. For me, when I say I spoke my truth, it is being clear on any place where I might have been selling out myself, underselling myself, negotiating myself, compromising myself and saying, “I’m not going to do that anymore because this is who I am. I’m not going to do that anymore because this is what I need.” When I say speak your truth, it is the voice of that in confidence within you that knows what you need in order to be who you are. When we sell out, we compromise. The compass gets confused.

That is an important concept because I don’t think there’s one definition of truth. When we speak our truth, it’s honoring who we are. It circles back to what Shakespeare’s “To thine own self be true.” That’s what it means. What do you need for yourself so you can be happy, healthy and whole? Not just physically happy, healthy and whole, but physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally well-rounded person. Little things like speaking up and saying, “I need a day off work.” That could be speaking your truth.

Refreshing Our Soul: That process of rebuilding things requires you to show up with vulnerability.

It’s something that’s easy to see and speak. Like you say, “That’s not clear. What do you mean by that?” It is important to emphasize, we don’t ask who we grew up with, parents or the people around us, who know that to be a thing. It’s not that we have that modeled for us early on. This is connected to the work that I do. I work with people in their 20s to 50s. For the first time, they are trying to connect with their truth because that’s how they realign their lives. That’s how they find themselves again. That’s how they change direction when they’ve been living lives that they’re not fulfilled. It’s an essential component of knowing who you are. It’s being able to connect with that voice in you that knows what is right and what you need more and true.

Did you find yourself having to be vulnerable in order to get yourself out of that dark night of the soul?

That’s a great question. The reason I like that question, Jennifer, is because I had been strong and confident before. For me, to be in that place where I did not know myself, where I did not know where I was going, where I didn’t know what was happening, to be able to say, “I need help.” It was a big deal because I didn’t know the type of help that you needed. I couldn’t be specific. I had to say, “I’m struggling here.” It was hard to admit that to myself, my husband and my friends because it’s not who they knew me to be. It took a lot. That was part of the courage and I felt part of my process was being able to start from zero and say, “I’m building things from scratch. I’m making this up as I go along. I don’t know what’s happening here.”

Oftentimes, when I see clients rebuild their lives, it’s the same. It’s a process of trust. You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re following that truth. That process of rebuilding things requires you to show up with the same vulnerability. I see this with clients a lot. You would know this in your line of work as well, where old friends fall away. You need to distance yourself from certain people for a while because you need to have this process or this healing moment be private, be what it needs to be, not be in it without any judgment. Let it be as big as it needs to be and to trust. That component of courage and self-trust is an essential ingredient in reworking the direction of your life.

I love that you said that the vulnerability was courage. That’s what took the most courage because we have this misconception of what it means to be brave and to be courageous out in the world. We think that these big, huge acts. Sometimes the most brave and courageous thing we can do in our life is to be vulnerable and admit that, “I’m a little lost. Can you help me here?”

When you say it, “It sounds like a simple concept and simple word,” but for myself, it was the biggest deal ever for me to say, “I’m struggling here. I need help. I need support. I need holding. I need healing.”

Courage and self-trust is an essential ingredient in reworking the direction of your life. CLICK TO TWEET

When you finally said that, how did that go to the people who received those words and they heard you say it? How did that play out?

That was a lesson for me because I had probably grown up with this. Many of the people like will allude to, you put on a brave face and you just get it done. You just plowed through. My experience, when I shared this with my colleagues and my friends was such a big lesson in learning to receive support, learning to receive love and learning to receive healing. That was a big lesson for me and it probably still is. I know at that moment it was a matter of spiritual survival. They had no other choice. This is exactly what I mean by life conspiring with the universe and spirit to create exactly the situation you need to give you what will take you to the next place, in your new expression, in your fullness and in your abilities to serve. Otherwise, you wouldn’t get there if you’re not forced.

Receiving is such a big part of that and I’m not sure of your exact words but you said, “If the universe conspires to give you what you truly want in life, if you’re not willing to receive, it doesn’t matter if the things fall into place. You’re not going to be able to see them and receive them if they do happen.”

Part of that letting go and being able to receive, one of the layers underneath that is when you receive what you need, it requires a lasting goal of what you think that is, what that looks like or what it needs to look like because I see this with clients as well. We will ask for certain things, we will ask for the job, we’ll ask for the relationship, we will ask for the health, we’ll ask for the thing, but what we do and see is the part that we choose not to see is the process beneath that. It will enable you to become able to receive that thing that requires a personal process of becoming.

I love that you pointed out that it is a personal process because some of the most successful people I hear talking like Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s a big influencer in the United States, with multimillion-dollars, maybe billions. One of the things that he says that contributed to his success was falling in love with the process. He said, “If you fall in love with the process, then that’s the battle right there. It’s a constant process. There’s never an arriving. Whenever you get to that place where you think you’ve arrived, it’s another step in the process.”

It’s never about the thing. It’s about the journey and the becoming to get there.

YA 58 | Refreshing Our Soul

Refreshing Our Soul: Life conspires with the universe to create the situation you need to take you to the next place in your new expression, fullness, and ability to serve.

The journey and the becoming are all about becoming who you are as a person.

This brings me to the next thing. Oftentimes, when we say what we want, what I notice in myself and in other people is that what we’re after is something much bigger. The thing that we see, the car, the house or whatever, we can see these with our limited vision. Our vision with our eyes is different to our vision as a spirit. That’s where we get caught up in the, “Be careful what you ask for.”

Don’t get too attached to that vision that you have in your head. It doesn’t have to be that particular house, on that particular street, on that particular corner. Maybe there’s a better house in a different city waiting for you. When I introduced you, it’s in your bio that you help smart and soul-driven entrepreneurs with successful businesses. How does that relate to what you talked about?

I help successful business owners with the personal side of things. My clients are usually people who are smart. They have the whole business side of things. They have a brain for what makes a business successful. That’s not their challenge. Their challenges are the relationships, the self-love, the weird family dynamics, the deep healing and spiritual crises that they don’t know what’s happening and how to manage them. I help them with the personal side of things. My clients are a reflection of me. People with successful businesses who need support with the things that are not their expertise that I am an expert on. Having been through my own process, that’s how my work feeds into. I know what is required. I have walked those steps.

That’s almost a requirement to be on my show anymore. I made the mistake early on of bringing on a few people who were teaching things and trying to take people places where they’ve never been themselves. You can see right through those people. If you try to work with somebody who’s trying to take you somewhere that they’ve never been themselves, but they’re trying to lead you down a path that’s unfamiliar to them. I don’t know if you’ve worked with anybody like that in your life. I sure I have. My BS meter goes off the charts.

It’s quite damaging as well in my personal experience because as you look to someone as a guide to know what they’re talking about. When you take someone’s words that they know what they’re talking about but they don’t, it warps your own connection with your intuition and your compass. That compass I’m talking about is like, “What is happening here?” The compass goes crazy. Things usually don’t work out.

Sometimes we don’t know how to describe what we’re feeling or contextualize it in a way that we can ask for help. CLICK TO TWEET

It’s an important awareness when we realize that we attract people into our life, whether it be friends, practitioners or any relationship that we have in our life. We attract people who are at the same level of healing, the same level of dysfunction. When you realize that you’re surrounded by a whole bunch of dysfunctional people, it’s probably time to take a good hard look in the mirror. Caroline, can you tell me a little bit about your process of how you work with people? How would somebody know that it’s time to reach out to you?

People reach out to me by referral or by hearing me speak. It’s usually because they have had close contact with me. We’re not born knowing those people or support like this available in the world. If I’m in a small group with people and they hear me speak to what I call the enduring question, for example. The way that I define your enduring question is and most of us have one. It’s like, “What is that thing that sits with you day and night, that you can’t figure out, that affects your mood, your productivity, the way that you see yourself and your self-esteem?” You’re enduring question is something that sits with you for years and you haven’t been able to unpack it using conventional methods.

You cannot see yourself in it. You cannot unravel it, but it affects you so deeply. It walked around with you. If people are aware, it prevents them from getting to the next place in their lives. It’s blocking them from creating a lasting relationship. It’s blocking them from receiving and it’s blocking them for the next level of success in their business. It’s blocking them from shedding family agreements that no longer serve. Their spirit is yearning for a new level of expression and freedom. That’s a very internal and personal thing. That’s restlessness. On the surface, everything looks fine, but your spirit is needing more. In small groups, I hold what I call Soul Circle from time to time. Soul Circle is a way where I invite people in and they get an opportunity to start chipping away at that enduring question.

With a small group, they’ll share that enduring question with me. I will tell them what I see and we began that process. It’s quite a magical thing because you get to see other people’s enduring questions. It all plays together. We all see ourselves in each other’s process in some way. That’s how someone knows this where it needs more. They’re not even sure how to address that as a thing. How do you even begin to put that into words? It requires having a conversation with me so I can look deeply at where you’re at and what you’re feeling. Sometimes we don’t know how to describe what we’re feeling or contextualize it in a way that we can ask for help. I always encourage people to reach out to me so we can talk things through and give them the clarity that they need about the situation that they’re in or the way they want to create the next steps.

I love that you call it the enduring question. I would imagine that resonates with everybody because we all have that.

That’s been my experience.

Refreshing Our Soul: Your enduring question is something that sits with you for years that you haven’t been able to unpack using conventional methods.

Do you find that whenever you work with somebody or maybe even yourself and you have an enduring question, you start to make progress, you start to sort out the details and get past it, does another one emerge? Is it something that we always have this enduring question?

There’s a built-in system that we have where things bubbled to the surface once you’ve cleared the things at the top. Sometimes, our enduring questions have different layers as well. That might be the same concept, but there’s always a growth theme expressed that we’re working on. That growth theme will have certain people or situations connected to it that maybe we attach ourselves to. If we can’t understand why we can never sit down and talk things through in a common reasonable way. If you look at what’s happening, what’s the growth theme there? What is it like? We’re always creating situations based on our growth themes in ourselves. Once you’re alive here on the planet, we are constantly learning. We are constantly healing.

Somewhere in my head, I’m thinking, “If you don’t have at least one of these enduring questions, are you even alive? If you are, are you paying attention to it?”

In order for people to identify your enduring question, it requires a level of self-awareness. To some people, self-awareness is a growth theme. They might spend their whole life becoming aware that there are spirits in a physical body. We’re all at different places on that path, but what is exciting about looking at the enduring question that’s holding you back from your next thing is that, my ability to put your attention on where that is in your body. How it sets you up for the dynamics and the experiences that you’re currently experiencing and to be able to start to shift that energy by the act of putting our attention on it, it begins to create a huge life change. We can only play out dynamics that we don’t see ourselves in. The minute you become conscious of them, the game’s busted. You can’t engage those dynamics the same way once you knew how they work. That’s part of the magic. My experience has been the things that people struggle with for years and those enduring questions and once they’re able to see, the dynamic right away begins to shut.

That is so true. For the trauma work that I do as well. As soon as somebody starts to see the dynamics, like you said, “Why that exists?” When somebody starts to see the dynamics that oftentimes go back to their early childhood as to why and how they developed a particular behavior, coping mechanism, avoidant behavior or personality quirk, they started to adapt in order to fit into the environment, in the family dynamics in a way that kept them safe in childhood. When they start to see how that started, then they realize, “I’ve carried this behavior through my adult life.” Things do start to change almost immediately.

That is beautifully said. That’s exactly it.

Identifying your enduring question requires a level of self-awareness. CLICK TO TWEET

It also leads to a level of self-acceptance and self-compassion, which changes things as well. That’s been my experience.

That would be the other ingredient, the vulnerabilities, the courage, the self-trust, self-compassion and self-forgiveness. The forgiveness piece is really crucial, not just forgiveness to those who have seemingly held you in a dynamic that you didn’t want to be in or that didn’t serve you in the highest possible way. That self-forgiveness piece, I see many people grieve and lost years, “I have been doing this my entire life. I am 54 years old.” It takes a lot of compassion to accept that and to let that go so that you can move into the next thing.

Do you find any particular issues that come up with clients? Do you have any themes that are more difficult to work with than others?

Something I don’t get into with my clients, not because it’s difficult, but because it’s not my expertise. For example is health-related issues because I find them to be quite complex. By the time somebody becomes physically sick or physically unwell, my experience has been that the patterns are wired into them. It’s not my area of expertise. That is one area that is difficult. The childhood mechanisms that we developed to keep ourselves safe. Sometimes they’re safe, they’re so solid. They’re playing mind games with us. We’re like, “I’m free. This doesn’t affect my view of things.” When I look at it energetically, it’s like a fortress.

Speaking of mind games, I’ve shared this before. It’s been quite some time. I had an experience where I was getting triggered by somebody. I tend to be audient so I get that little voice in my head that talks to me. It’s not schizophrenia. It’s that little voice of knowing, that little voice of guidance. I kept hearing the word gaslighting come up. I knew I was getting triggered. I was looking for evidence of where this person was gaslighting me but I couldn’t find it. This went on for probably several weeks to a month. After sitting with this for some time, I finally had the realization that I was misinterpreting some gut feelings and some signals that my body was sending me.

I was misinterpreting them as something that needed to be healed. Instead of using it as my guidance system and was going, “I need to work with this. I need to heal this. I need to get over this. I need to stop being judgmental of this person.” What my body was signaling to me was not that this is a horrible person. This is not a bad person. It’s just, “You shouldn’t be working with this person. It’s not a good match for you.” My body was sending me all the signals. One of those signals was that little voice in my head saying gaslighting. What happened was I was gaslighting myself by convincing myself that this was something I needed to get over. This was something I needed to heal. This was something I needed to face head-on and address. I was getting the signals mixed up. When I had that realization, it was this moment and everything opened up and changed. I was able to resolve the issue quickly. It’s learning what those messages are that come from within that are so important.

Refreshing Our Soul: Often times, what we think we know is directly related to the places that we’re stuck.

That reminds me of something that I share with my clients a lot, which is in order to hear that annoying voice, connect with it, to follow it, for it to be a thing, for it to have a sense of how your body feels when you’re in that wisdom. It is a thing. It requires you to let go of what you think because oftentimes, what we think we know is directly related to the places that we’re stuck.

Anytime we get triggered, offended or upset, it’s a reflection of something that we do to ourselves that the world is mirroring back at us. It goes back to that old saying, “When you point the finger at somebody else, there are three fingers pointing right back at you.” Sit with that and look at, “What am I getting upset with that person about and in what ways do I do that to myself?” In the example that I gave you, I was getting triggered and upset thinking this person was gaslighting me and looking all over the place for evidence for it. When I found the evidence, it was me doing it to myself. It was proof of it. I found that to be true over and over again. Anytime we’re upset or angry with somebody else, it’s because we do it ourselves in some way or another. That’s the key. It might not be blatantly obvious. Sometimes you have to sit with it and look at, “In what areas do I do it?” It’s not always a direct parallel. Sometimes, it’s more adjacent or catawampus.

This is the benefit of having another pair of glass in your process. We see a process. We see within the boundaries of the process where the person who is supporting us and guiding us can see the process. The place that you’re trying to get to and see the boundary that you are hitting up against, they can see what you’re struggling with inside. They have that bigger picture. That stuff that you talk about is very difficult to achieve sometimes without support because when you’re at it, you’re in it. That’s all that you know. That is your reality. Unless you have that life experience to step back and expand your view of things. You would have to step back and see that you were gaslighting yourself. That takes some level of expertise. That’s not something that most people can do. What I find in my work is that being able to support someone and for someone to have that feedback with me over a period of time is invaluable. Because being able to step out of yourself and see things through somebody else’s eyes starts to unwind the patterns and the dynamics that the very things you’re trying to dissolve and move away from to move into the next day.

Caroline, what gives me the level of expertise that you’re talking about is not avoiding and running away and doing all kinds of avoidant and bypassing behaviors to not face my own dark nights of the soul. I say plural because I’ve had more than one in my life. I know that’s what we’re talking about here is the dark night of the soul. The more that you come home from work and have that glass of wine or two because you need to distress. The more that you’re upset so I need to go take a bath to relax around it. I need to go for a run. We have to look at our motivations as to why we’re doing what are doing. Are we doing it because it truly is feeding our soul? Are we doing it because we’re trying to avoid some discomfort in our life? If it’s because we’re avoiding discomfort, then you’re avoiding some level of this expertise that we’re talking about who you are and truly getting to know yourself. What you’re trying to tell yourself with all of these signals of comfort and discomfort, pleasure and pain and there’s a message in all of it.

That escapism that you talk about, we probably all do it to a certain extent in the beginning. Sometimes we do it to the extent that your spirit says, “You’re going to hear me now.” You cannot escape from this.

For some people that think that they can escape is the diagnosis, that health issue that you talked about. If people can catch themselves before they get to the diagnosis or reach out to you for help before they get to the diagnosis.

That’s such a good point because very often, I meet people and they’re on the way to creating the sickness. You can see that. They have all the signs. They’re on the edge and being on that requires that they make a very serious commitment. Most people, when they speak to me or you, somebody who is in a position to give that bigger picture or perspective, once you see yourself at that edge, you are forced to choose.

Caroline, if our readers want to reach out to you, I’m going to put your website, which is CarolineDiana.com. I know that you’re willing to make one of your 90-minute sessions available to our readers. That’s something that you only offer to people who are local. Is that correct? Can you talk about that?

My 90-minute session is a great way to bring your enduring questions so we could start looking at that and chipping away at what is it that you’ve been sitting with and that you haven’t been able to resolve in any way that you’ve tried? You know is blocking you from stepping into the next thing that you want to create in your life. What is it that you’re restless about? What is it that’s holding you back? How would you frame that in the form of a question? The 90-minute session, which I don’t normally do, I do very few of them. It is a way to look at that dynamic within yourself with me, through my eyes and begin unpacking the way that it sets up in your space to give you freedom from that and to show you the next steps around who you are and what is the spirit that you’re trying to leave by getting to the next place. What is the external thing? What is the process that you end up becoming? Who are you trying to be? Who are you? Once we get on that, what you’re able to create expands beyond what you think is possible.

That sounds like a fantastic session. Is it called the Mallorca Love Session?


Caroline, do you have any final tips or bits of wisdom to leave our audience?

What I’d like to share is if you’re in that dark night of the soul that I referred to, if you are experiencing or feeling disconnected from yourself, not knowing who you are. There are two routes that you can go to. You can do it the DIY, slow way that will take years or you can do what I did with my vulnerability, you can ask for support. You can say, “I’m struggling here. I don’t know what’s happening. I need support,” and you can get it. It is available to you. You can reach out to me. You can reach out to your friends. You can reach out to anyone. That’s one of the things that I see in retrospect is there’s a quick way and there’s a not quick way. The support you need is there for you if you’re ready for it.

Thank you, Caroline. It’s been a pleasure to have you with us.

Thank you so much, Jennifer. It’s such a joy to speak with you.

I will see you all next time.

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Caroline Diana Bobart is a Professional Clairvoyant & Spiritual Mentor who helps super smart, soul-driven entrepreneurs with successful businesses create deep healing around the personal issues that affect their productivity and happiness levels during the day and keep them up at night.

She is a trained energy reader based in Mallorca, Spain, and serves a global clientele.

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