Staying Empowered Through The Winter Blues With Harry Sherwood

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Getting through the winter blues means more than just singing a holiday cheer or hiding under your Christmas shopping spree. In this episode, meditation and mindfulness expert and Consciously co-founder Harry Sherwood joins host Jennifer Whitacre to teach how you can take charge and stay empowered through this rough season. They get to the bottom of why you have…

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Mindfulness: The Power Of Your Inner Game With Manuj Aggarwal

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The world has so much going on that we can’t help but be swayed by its expectations and lose ourselves in the process. Switching it up, guest Manuj Aggarwal is all about working our inner game rather than setting ourselves up against the never-ending thresholds for happiness of the outside world. Manuj is an entrepreneur, investor, and…

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Dark Night Of The Soul With Caroline Diana Bobart

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Personal issues can affect our productivity and happiness levels during the day and keep us up at night. Host Jennifer Whitacre interviews professional clairvoyant Caroline Diana Bobart about these phases in our lives that can disable us, weakening our body, mind, and spirit. Caroline is a professional clairvoyant and spiritual mentor who helps entrepreneurs with successful businesses…

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