Combat PTSD: It’s Okay To Say I’m Not Okay With Jay Allen

Combat PTSD digital flyer on a man

PTSD can happen anywhere to anyone. Just like any mental disease, it strongly affects everything that comes in your way especially when symptoms are left untreated. Combat Veteran, motivational speaker, and author of Battlefield 2 Boardroom,  Jay Allen, believes being conscious about the condition’s existence in your system allows you to suffer less from combat PTSD.…

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Haunted By Childhood: Life After Child Abuse With Damien Rider

A digital flyer about child abuse and child trauma

The effects of childhood abuse are extremely serious and long-lasting, both on the psychological aspect and the brain development of the child. Author, ultra-adventure athlete, and motivational speaker Damien Rider is a victim of such. In his documentary called Heart of the Sea, he tells his story of childhood abuse and the horrific circumstances he endured in his childhood, including rape…

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Surviving Scientology With Moira Hutchinson

A digital flyer about surviving Scientology

Scientology has gained a notorious reputation since its initial institution, and its reach has extended to every which point around the world. Surviving in Scientology is quite a story to tell because not everyone does—at least not with their sense of self intact. Over the years since she left Scientology, Moira Hutchison has become a mindset cultivator,…

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