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Lean Into Your Shadow With Catherine Plano

  There are moments in life where it is easier to blame others for the situation and feeling we are in. However, this limiting practice can only keep our true selves and potentials contained. It does not make us accountable and thus, empowered to take charge of what we are doing. In this episode. Jennifer Whitacre interviews transformational mindset coach,... Read More

Alyssa Gursky on Finding Healing From Trauma Through Psychedelic-Assisted Art Therapy

  There is more to healing than meets the eye. Here to talk about non-ordinary states of consciousness is Alyssa Gursky, a night attendant at MAPS — one of the organizations that are conducting clinical trials for the MDMA studies to treat treatment-resistant PTSD. Designing programming for psychedelic integration, Alyssa highlights in this episode psychedelic-assisted art therapy. She shares why... Read More