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Are you struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, or something you don’t understand? Are you looking for a different level of truth about your challenges and struggles? In mainstream society, we have been spoon-fed a whole bunch of crap and propaganda. It’s time for you to look beyond that, find inner joy and peace; and keep moving forward in life. Welcome to the Yes, And… with Jennifer Whitacre! We all get anxious and there are things about our life that we fully don’t understand. When it comes to our mind and our emotions, the story we’ve been told, and the mainstream approach could take you down the wrong path. If mainstream methods truly worked, people wouldn’t be suffering to the extent they are.

Episode Blogs

YA 57 | Maintaining Your Growth
  Personal growth is easy to do when you’re on your own. However, when we’re around our family, it feels like we lose it. Relationships with people, especially with those closest in our lives, are never perfect and could sometimes give us either the happiest or the worst feeling. In this episode, host Jennifer Whitacre is joined by relationship expert and public speaker Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin as they tackle how to improve relationships with our
YA 56 | Murder And Missing Cases
  In today’s society, it is alarming how crime and murder incidents are continuously rising. Every day, we see news flashes on television of people who have either gone missing or were murdered. In this episode, educator and healing practitioner Belinda Eraicho joins host Jennifer Whitacre in taking a good look at the murder and missing cases of indigenous women and girls. Belinda also talks about the REDress Project and how it’s bringing awareness to
YA 55 | Myofascial Release
  There’s an energetic alignment with our physicality. When there’s trauma, that energetic alignment with the physicality gets disconnected, twisted, or buried when we can’t handle what’s happening. We put up all of these defences, and the fascia system holds a lot of this lack of energy. Today’s episode features pain release expert Lori Zeltwanger, a licensed physical therapist, best-selling author, and the Founder of Advanced Release Therapy. Lori walks us through the myofascial release
YA 54 | Recovering From Addictions
  Addiction comes in varied forms, not just the typical alcohol and drug addiction we typically know about. This episode explores the life of love, sugar addiction, bullying, and fantasy of Rabbi Ilan Glazer. He is the author of the #1 bestselling book And God Created Recovery: Jewish Wisdom to Help You Break Free From Your Addiction, Heal Your Wounds, and Unleash Your Inner Freedom. He is also the Founder of Our Jewish Recovery and
YA 53 | Change Life Through Music
  Music has a great power to change the world because it can change people. In today’s episode, host Jennifer Whitacre sits down and talks with musician and founder of Music Care Inc., Bill Protzmann. With a mission to raise awareness of the power of music as self-care, Bill takes a deep dive into his own inspirational and real-life experiences on how he opened his heart and mind to music and allowed his emotional richness
YA 52 | Surviving Breast Cancer
  It takes a huge amount of courage to fight cancer and win the battle. In this episode, breast cancer survivor, Integrative Nutrition coach, Pilates instructor, and mother of four Victoria English Martin opens up about surviving breast cancer and the importance of self-exams on a regular basis. Victoria shares how, through support groups and her family, she was able to see life after cancer differently and focus on being a healthier version of herself.
YA 51 | Love Yourself
  Having been through childhood sexual abuse and other childhood traumas, Shari Alyse has spent her whole life learning how to love herself fully and completely. Shari is the bestselling author of Love Yourself Happy, a motivational speaker, a self-love coach, and the Co-Founder of The Wellness Universe, a community of world-changers who are helping the world become happy, healthy, and whole. Today, she opens up about her childhood adversities and how she finally faced
YA 50 | Sobriety
  Despite having the best job, the best relationship, and things that he’s never had before, Randy was miserable. His coping mechanism of doing drugs and alcohol had stopped working years before he did anything about it. Realizing how his life needs to be different if it’s going to go on, Randy took the step to change. He is now on his thirteenth year of recovery and he’s transformed from hateful to grateful. After doing
YA 49 | Self Empowerment
  Nature is the best healer. Lisa Noland-Shalosky, a psychic medium and certified spiritual advisor, shows us how Gaia brings us never-ending lessons that we can use for all aspects in our life, including healing and letting go of fear and self-doubt. Through lessons she has learned from an inch worm she found dangling around, she advises everyone that regardless of how small your steps are, you will get to your destination as long as