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Are you struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, or something you don’t understand? Are you looking for a different level of truth about your challenges and struggles? In mainstream society, we have been spoon-fed a whole bunch of crap and propaganda. It’s time for you to look beyond that, find inner joy and peace; and keep moving forward in life. Welcome to the Yes, And… with Jennifer Whitacre! We all get anxious and there are things about our life that we fully don’t understand. When it comes to our mind and our emotions, the story we’ve been told, and the mainstream approach could take you down the wrong path. If mainstream methods truly worked, people wouldn’t be suffering to the extent they are.

Episode Blogs

YA 66 | Finding Hope
  Victims of abuse tend to keep their dark past to themselves out of fear and shame. Courage would not even suffice to describe the kind of bravery they show when they finally decide to go out of the shadows and into a life of healing. A living proof of hope and a fully productive life even after trauma is Nancy Legere. Having been abused as a little girl and kept it to herself for
YA 65 | Growth Mindset
  Mindset can either make or break you. What you believe you want to achieve can be attained if you work your way through it and not self-sabotage every opportunity you have. For Jonathan Walters, he has tested his attitude towards grasping opportunities and has grown from being a high school drop out to a PhD student of Educational Psychology, an educator, and the Founder of The Mindset Matrix Podcast. Today, Jennifer Whitacre interviews Jonathon
YA 64 | Combat PTSD
  PTSD can happen anywhere to anyone. Just like any mental disease, it strongly affects everything that comes in your way especially when symptoms are left untreated. Combat Veteran, motivational speaker, and author of Battlefield 2 Boardroom,  Jay Allen, believes being conscious about the condition’s existence in your system allows you to suffer less from combat PTSD. The process of overcoming such traumas and helping others overcome it requires strong dedication. Listen to Jennifer Whitacre
YA 63 | Life After Child Abuse
  The effects of childhood abuse are extremely serious and long-lasting, both on the psychological aspect and the brain development of the child. Author, ultra-adventure athlete, and motivational speaker Damien Rider is a victim of such. In his documentary called Heart of the Sea, he tells his story of childhood abuse and the horrific circumstances he endured in his childhood, including rape and physical abuse. In this episode, he joins Jennifer Whitacre to talk about life after
YA 62 | Surviving Scientology
  Scientology has gained a notorious reputation since its initial institution, and its reach has extended to every which point around the world. Surviving in Scientology is quite a story to tell because not everyone does—at least not with their sense of self intact. Over the years since she left Scientology, Moira Hutchison has become a mindset cultivator, energy healer, and Tarot consultant, helping the people she meets along the way. Moira shares her story
  Getting through the winter blues means more than just singing a holiday cheer or hiding under your Christmas shopping spree. In this episode, meditation and mindfulness expert, and Consciously co-founder Harry Sherwood joins host Jennifer Whitacre to teach on how you can take charge and stay empowered through this rough season. They get to the bottom of why you have winter blues and how it relates to your inner self. Discover the universal truths
  Overcoming trauma is one of the most difficult things a person has to do in their life, but it’s something that ultimately must be done to achieve wellness. Being caged by one’s trauma can lead to being stuck in a proverbial quicksand that becomes harder and harder to get out of, leaving you paralyzed. Evolutionary catalyst and creative entrepreneur Anna Pereira, the Co-founder of Wellness Universe, talks all about wellness in relation to trauma.
YA 59 | Working Your Inner Game
  The world has so much going on that we can’t help but be swayed by its expectations and lose ourselves in the process. Switching it up, guest Manuj Aggarwal is all about working our inner game rather than setting ourselves up against the never-ending thresholds for happiness of the outside world. Manuj is an entrepreneur, investor, and the CTO of TetraNoodle. Fighting decades of anxiety, depression, and pessimism while building his career, he has
YA 58 | Refreshing Our Soul
  Personal issues can affect our productivity and happiness levels during the day and keep us up at night. Host Jennifer Whitacre interviews professional clairvoyant Caroline Diana Bobart about these phases in our lives that can disable us, weakening our body, mind, and spirit. Caroline is a professional clairvoyant and spiritual mentor who helps entrepreneurs with successful businesses create deep healing. Listen to this episode as Caroline shares some of her own experiences being in