Meet Lorraine Reguly, Former Teacher now Freelancer and Author

Lorraine Reguly is a an English-teacher-turned- freelancer for hire, and the author of two books: Risky Issues and From Nope to Hope. Her life wasn't always successful like it is now. Lorraine's life started to go downhill when she was too young to be able to handle the situation. At age 14, she was raped. After that, she fell into the trap of drug addiction, welfare, depression, prostitution, gambling, and suicidal thoughts. She hit rock bottom when her son disowned her, and this sent her further into depression, despair, drugs, and suicidal thoughts. Don't be fooled by this - Lorraine is a strong, intelligent, and intuitive woman who was able to pull herself out of this quagmire, and she has completely turned her life around. Now, she is reaching out to help others. You'll never guess what happened to Lorraine that caused her to turn her life around. Once Lorraine resolved to change, she discovered positive affirmations, and this worked so well for her that she devoted a chapter of her book to affirmations. You can read find that chapter for free here: https://wordingwell. com/positive-affirmations/ Because Lorraine knows what it's like to want to die, and because she remembers how it felt to be engulfed with suicidal thoughts, she offers hope and help to anyone who is feeling like she used to feel. If you or someone you know is in this place, this is a resource for you: i-want-to-kill-myself-what- should-i-do/ Lorraine has offered to be there for anyone who reaches out to her for help. Here are all the ways to reach Lorraine: https:// We discuss the benefits and challenges of being an entrepreneur and being successful. It's not all smooth sailing. Lorraine explains how she questions her own thoughts and beliefs, and she explains why that's important, especially if you're dealing with depression. Many thoughts in your head might not be your own thoughts. Do you know how to wort through them and discern? Lorraine leaves us with her 3-hug rule. Check out Lorraine's books! From Nope to Hope: Buy it on Amazon! Risky Issues: Buy it on Amazon!