Fear Less, Love More w/ MeiMei Fox

MeiMei Fox is a New York Times best selling author, coauthor, and editor of over a dozen non-fiction books in the realm of spirituality and positive psychology, as well as hundreds of articles in publications including Forbes, the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and Self magazine. It appears MeiMei has found her purpose in life.

Early in her adult life, none of the jobs MeiMei held gave her the satisfaction she was looking for from life. MeiMei believes that 50% of people are born with a purpose while the other half seemingly stumble into their passion. MeMei fell into the latter group, struggling with an unwillingness to take risks, until she was approached by a doctor to coauthor a book about sexual fitness. This partnership opened MeiMei’s world up to the possibility of writing as a career.

In many ways MeiMei’s 20’s went without much strife but that was about to change. Within a month, MeiMei was faced with divorce and conviction of her father. All of a sudden, it’s like her life crumbled right in front of her. At 32, she faced a long recovery that took her close to a decade.

Having faced hardship, MeiMei realized that her pain eventually gave her strength. She has since decided to help empower others through her story. Everyone has dark moments of their lives. Most will hide them from others, but MeiMei knows that these are the most valuable moments to share. Through this arduous process, MeiMei realized her life’s motto… Fear Less, Love More!


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