Meet Lorraine Reguly, Former Teacher now Freelancer and Author
Lorraine Reguly is a an English-teacher-turned-freelancer for hire, and the author of two books:  Risky Issues and From Nope to Hope.  Her life wasn't[...]
Dave Blum founder of Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts Shares His Passion for Living
Today's guest is Dave Blum, founder and president of Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts, the world's largest team-building treasure hunt company. Dave turns neighborhoods and[...]
Donnie Boivin, Former Marine Turned Salesman and Entrepreneur
Donnie is a Marine Corps veteran turned salesman.  For 20 years, he excelled at sales and made a lot of money[...]
Emotional Safety at Work: Why It’s Important
Written by: Jennifer Whitacre “Come here, Max.  C’mon kitty kitty kitty,” my son said as he patted the sofa cushion. [...]
Danielle Egnew, Angelic Channel, Psychic, Medium and Author Shares her Story with Jennifer
Danielle Egnew is an Angelic Channel, Psychic, Medium and Author whose work has been featured on NBC, ABC, TNT, USA, CW, The[...]
Author and Mental Health Advocate Tracey Maxfield Shares her Story of Overcoming Depression with Jennifer
Tracey's Story: In 2015 I had massive acute depressive episode related to workplace stressors and bullying. 3 yrs of recovery;[...]

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